Mi casa es su casa
My house is your house

A Sense of Belonging

We are a full-service residential design firm that brings home a sense of belonging. That’s because we provide design on your terms, excellence in our craft and a phenomenal customer experience.


Our Philosophy

At Su Casa, we serve clients as we would our closest friends. We are driven to provide the best possible experience, understand your wishes and respond with custom home and interior plans that fit your life, vision and nuances.

“We have worked with Andy and the team at Su Casa on several projects, and really enjoy their talent and energy! They truly create unique homes.”

Our house designs are as distinct as those who inspire them, with no two ever alike ― from timeless traditional to New England charm and modern structures in between. Explore who makes Su Casa unquestionably unique!

Meet Andy Friesen

Creative Director

Before its start in 2005, a much (much) younger Andy Friesen was planting the seeds that would grow into Su Casa. The boy who doodled house designs during church services and dragged his parents to show homes became a student of Drafting Technology at the University of the Fraser Valley, followed by a position at an architecture start-up. When this led to home design requests from friends and family, Andy realized it was time to launch his own business.

Since then, he and the skilled Su Casa team have gone on to serve hundreds of wonderful clients, helping each one create the home of their dreams.

Su Casa is still thriving, and in 2020 branched out with two offshoots, Su Casa Custom and Su Casa Shoppe. Both exist for that moment when a client first sees their completed project or turns the key on their beautiful new home. In fact, it’s those radiant smiles that keep us growing.

We would love to put a grin on your face too.

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Team Su Casa

  • Andy Friesen

    Creative Director

  • Dan Wall


  • Eric Goosen


  • Carsten Ivany


  • Ben Reimer


  • Jennifer Mack

    Interior Design

  • Carman Lo

    Interior Design

  • Derrick Westbrook

    Executive Leadership

  • Cobi Ellis


  • Luisa Nygren

    Interior Design, Client Care

  • Chuck Gasper