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Su Casa Renovation Design

At Su Casa, our Renovation Design Services provide homeowners across North America with practical home design packages that enhance curb appeal and increase home resale value. We focus on creating custom solutions that reflect the daily life and unique personalities of the families living within these homes.

We firmly believe that every home has potential and take pride in guiding our clients towards discovering and unlocking that potential through tailored renovations and home transformations.

Key to A Successful Renovation

The key to a successful renovation lies in knowing what not to change, rather than making costly and unnecessary adjustments. We prioritize understanding our clients’ needs, vision, budget, and timelines to deliver sensible home designs that are timely, cost-effective, and tailored to their lifestyle.

Our renovation plans seamlessly blend structural accuracy, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, ensuring that your home becomes a true reflection of the life you desire.


By working with your home’s existing layout and structure, we offer elevated design solutions that completely transform your living space. Our expertise lies in creating character-driven, timeless home designs while respecting budget constraints, ensuring that every renovation project is intentional and sensible.

Home Design Can Include 1000’s of Decisions

What sets Su Casa’s renovation department apart is our unique combination of extensive industry experience and first-hand knowledge as home renovators. We understand the ‘decision fatigue’ that accompanies the numerous choices inherent in a renovation project. This blend of experience and expertise enables us to provide valuable insight and support to our clients, guiding them through budget management, prioritizing home needs, and maximizing space within their home.

We offer valuable insights on how to navigate any unforeseen issues that will pop up along the way. Having our team help build a solid design plan will save you time and money.


See our ‘Before and After’ Renovation Gallery Below :

A Su Casa-designed home is truly one-of-a-kind. Our designers are passionate about making the process seamless from start to finish, providing residential building plans that are complete and ready for approval, wherever you live.

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