December Newsletter- 2021

December 2021

It's a Su Casa Maker's Christmas!


We pulled our team together to try out some DIY Christmas crafts we curated from Pinterest. The assignment was to create a craft with your family or friends. We rated our chosen craft by 3 categories: ease, enjoyment, experience; and rated each out of 5. Below is our collection of crafts and reviews for your perusing – let me note: the craftiness of everyone varied in a wide range from techy-non-artsy to artiste extraordinaire. 

by Andie- Marketing 
"An amateur’s choice of craft – and it was right on the money! Something so simple and it turned out quite cute with modern-Scandi vibes."

Cute bells
Christmas music

Turn on Christmas music. Thread twine through bell, knot, repeat. For spacing the bells, I used a shoe box to measure between each to keep it consistent. 
Enjoyment: (attributed mostly to the Christmas music)

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by Annika- Marketing & Photography
"What I loved about this craft was there is lots of variety in which way you want to take this craft. There’s lots of different options when it comes to choosing the colours for the yarn and you can be super creative with how you want to display the stars. All the supplies were so easy to find, and reasonably priced! I thought they would be perfect to place around your tree or they would also make a nice garland if you tied them to string!
Before starting I would recommend creating a star stencil that is the ideal size for you. I just printed a simple star from online and then used that to trace my final stars. I would also suggest using a thinner cardboard so that it’s easier to cut clean corners. When it came to wrapping the yarn, I found that it was most helpful to start at the edges and then work your way towards the centre. Make sure you have some glue nearby to smear on the edges so that the corners don’t start to unravel. This was my biggest mistake and most likely the reason my final product didn’t work out as well as I had anticipated. I will be honest, I’m not the craftiest person so my star ornaments did not mirror the beautiful ones on Pinterest, but if you’re looking for an activity to do on a cozy winter evening, you should give this one a try!"  


Draw star on cardboard and cut out. Glue end of yarn at one point of star to start. Wind yarn around point heading to body of star and up around another point of the star (glue at each star point). Repeat until entire cardboard star is covered in yarn.

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by Luisa- Marketing & Administration

"Here are my thoughts on these beauties… this is entirely too long, but I decided it would be therapeutic to go through my experience thoroughly."

White Sculpty (or alternative) oven baked clay
Decorative Stamp
Circle Cookie Cutter (or alternative)
Rolling Pin
Sand Paper

Additional Decorations (as required)

Simple Directions:

1. Roll out clay (Sculpty) after massaging it for a few minutes to soften it.
2. Cut out the circle using a cookie cutter or some other circular form.
3. Gently stamp desired word and make a hole at the top to thread the twine after it bakes.
4. Place on cookie sheet for baking (follow baking instructions on package…typically 15-17 mins at 275 F).
5. Sand any rough edges and add any embellishment you would like to and Viola! You’re done!


What Actually Happened…(Brace Yourselves)
1. Massage the clay until your hands cramp and then roll it out while it sticks to every surface it’s not supposed to.
     a). Rectify this by putting parchment or wax paper on the surface you’re working on.
     b). Get really frustrated as the paper moves around and tape it down with some good sturdy packing tape.
     c). Realize parchment paper is designed to not have tape stick to it so you’re back to step one and no further.
2. Once you have a semi-flat rolled out surface you notice your clay has lots of air bubbles.
     a). You pop air bubbles with a toothpick.
     b). You re-roll it for smoothness.
     c). You realize it’s uneven thickness – you go with it anyway.
3. You use a mason jar to cut out the circle form.
     a). Clay gets stuck to jar and when you try to take the circle from the inside, you’ve lost your circle shape.
     b). Go back to step 1 again.
4. You use a mason jar LID to cut out the circle, much more successfully because you can push the clay out of the mold very gently.
5. You use the stamps and make a hole at the top and feel relieved that you’ve cracked the code!
     a). When you lift it off the paper you damage the side a bit and it no longer looks like a circle, you think “it will bake into the right shape” and put it on the cookie sheet anyway**. Now back to step 1 to make your SECOND ornament all the while, asking yourself why you signed up for this!

Embossing with stamps TIP – stamp BEFORE you cut out the circle, otherwise, when you press your stamp down on your carefully cut out circle, it becomes a misshapen oval/triangle/rhombus shape and not at all what you wanted for your circle ornament.

Saw later that the best surface to roll the clay out on is a piece of tile…if you have it (because who doesn’t have that…Oi!)

I’ve heard a bit of cornstarch on my surface and rolling pin and circle would have been a good “detacher”  - if I ever attempt anything close to this again, will keep in mind.
I made about 8 – valiant effort, went to the store and bought some white ornaments.
**Note 2 – circles do not “bake into the right shape” in fact any small or large blemish on these will look the same after baking, with the exception that it will be completely rock hard, and you will be unable to fix. You’re welcome.

Ease:  (not for the faint of heart)
Enjoyment:  (writing out my “how to” after was more enjoyable)

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by Andie- Marketing 
"Calling all non-crafters! This is your go-to…and in my humble opinion, they win. They are versatile for use, so easy, and look fancy."

Jumbo shelled walnuts
Gold spray paint

Place nuts in box and spray nuts with paint. Wait for paint to dry. Shake box, spray again. Repeat 1 or 2 more times. Don’t try to do full coverage with paint as some of the natural finish of the walnut looks really nice. 

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by Chuck- Marketing 
"This one is pretty straightforward, but don't underestimate the time to carefully (and safely I might add) cut out the silhouette. Every additional detail may look beautiful in the end but you will be cutting miniature window grids out of paper for longer than expected!

If you're a Christmas ninja and have patience like Mother Teresa, cutting won't be an issue. Even better-if you have a Cricut machine, this one is a breeze!"

White Cardstock
Craft Knife (or Cricut- link here: LINK)
Cutting Surface
Decorative Cloche
Warm White, Battery Operated, Fairy Lights
Synthetic Snow (Cotton Balls would also do)

1. Measure the diameter of your glass cloche, cut paper to size
2. Draw your Christmas Village scene, or use a template from here: LINK
3. Carefully cut out your village silhouette. Pro tip: use Christmas trees at the start and end of your village as a buffer in case you measured incorrectly (*ahem* speaking from experience)
4. Ball up the faux snow and fairy lights to fit in the center of the cloche and carefully assemble everything together- depending on the size of your cloche, this may take a few attempts...have patience!
5. Turn on the fairy lights, sit back and enjoy! 
Ease: (not difficult, just time consuming if done by hand)
Expense:  (depending on where you buy your Cloche)

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by Andy- Creative Director 
"With the right tools, this one is super quick and easy to assemble. This is definitely a great choice if you are new to crafting!"

Photos of Christmas Carol Music Sheets (Link can be found here, LINK)
Light brown, Rustic Card Stock, 8.5"x11"
Small Wood Disk, various heights (we cut ours from a tree in the backyard, but you could use the link here, LINK)
Bamboo Skewer
Gold Star Sticker
Handheld Drill with drill bit matching the diameter of your bamboo skewer

1. Print Christmas Carol on Cardstock, one image per sheet
2. Measure and cut out triangle shape on a single piece of cardstock (Tip: bring the tree base in by 2" either side to create a more slender, evergreen shape)
3.Accordion fold your paper tree, space each fold by apprx 1/4-1/2" width
4.With paper still folded, hold in place on wood disc and slowly drill through paper into the wood (This will create the hole for your bamboo skewer, as well ensure all the holes line up perfectly on your tree)
5.Carefully feed your bamboo skewer through the paper, adjust as necessary and insert into the wood base.
6. Finish with a gold star sticker (and give yourself one too for a job well done). 
Ease: (not difficult, just time consuming if done by hand)
Expense: (depending on where you buy your Cloche)

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Than You for Supporting Local Charities


During the month of October, we set out a goal to raise 500 pairs of socks in support of local organizations who help at risk individuals in the Fraser Valley.

We want to just say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who showed up with sock donations. Over 600 pairs of warm socks will go a long way in helping people through the colder months of the season!

A little help really can go a long way when we choose to come together.

New Stock Plans ARE COMING!

Cabin Plans to be Released Early 2022

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  A Note From Andy  
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


You all must know by now Christmastime is my favorite time of year. There are so many facets of the season I enjoy: the family time, the decorating, the heightened cozy factor, the hustle-and-bustle, and of course celebrating the birth of Jesus. For me, the month leading up to Christmas Day I try to focus more on spending time with friends and family – a wintry walk, crafts with my kids, slowing down, and enjoying the crowds in the stores, and just being more intentional with those I love. Speaking of cozy factor - this year we will be celebrating Christmas from the comfort of our newly renovated downstairs suite. We are starting the major renovations upstairs this month and that’s a gift in itself! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all things #micasasucasa on my Instagram stories.

In the Spirit of the season, I wish you all a very merry Christmas. 

Andy Friesen

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